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A Man speaks up for a Nation of 1.2 Billion to send a Powerful message to Mr.Narendra Modi

After the thought provoking short film Mute, Ram Subramanian is back with a sequel. In Mute, he didn’t have a voice as he didn’t exercise his voting rights. In this sequel, aptly titled Unmute, he regains his voice and it’s the collective voice of a nation that laid their trust on a man as their leader.

The video serves as a powerful message from the people to the newly elected Prime Minister and our leaders: LISTEN UP, We’re speaking.

Two successful Social Entrepreneurship Initiatives of India

Growth and development would be a common goal across the corporates, in general. Company generally will look for maximizing the profit, optimizing the investment and reducing the loss. So many corporates involve in cost cutting and employee reduction approaches. But over the evolution of corporate cultures, when corporate developed and grew bigger, there was an emphasis on certain corporate social responsibility. They might involve employee friendly condition, competitive salary and many a times, giving back to the society in which the corporate had spread its roots to develop and establish itself in the business world.


In early times, milk vendors had to earn by traveling large distance and door delivered the milk products. This resulted in huge loss as there would be a lot of traveling resulted in loss and contamination of milk. Amul (Anand Milk Union Limited), introduced co-operative societies and developed the local milk vendors for the development of the firm, aiding a mutual development. The keys behind the success of the Amul was innovation in process technology, guaranteed purchase of milk from farmers, pre-fixed price for the milk products, maintaining quality of milk and milk products till it reached customers and development of co-operative societies.


Mr Varghese Kurian, who was associated with Amul, shared his concerns with the farmers and organized marginal milk producers. The company established modern economics, technological innovation and a cooperative with farmers as stakeholders. It worked with farmers to maximize the milk production, efficient supply chain management of milk and milk products. It eradicated middlemen concepts and helped poor farmers to earn more through cooperative stores. The growth strategy of Amul aided the development of the local society as whole which aided their economic development and increase in the income rate of the each farmer. The company expanded with inviting foreign investments and thereby increasing socio-economic status of the local community people.


Another example of an inclusive growth success story is ‘Lijjat Papad’. It was a domestic organization, operated by women for women. It was started with humble aim to derive small income to the family went on to become a cooperative with turnover of more than 300 Crore with 45000 women as its members. A small group of women started making papads and sold it for a nominal profit rate. As it initially had success the number started getting bigger and bigger. The work environment was not competition oriented one but that one cared for the development of the people and organization.


The company’s strategy was to decrease the production cost by optimizing the quality. It did not look up for any donations and worked like a family where decisions were made on consensus. It developed a cordial and with mutual beneficial relationship with dealers across India.  It soon developed and made its presence with other products such as Khakras, Masalas, Lijjat ATTA, Swadeshi ATTA, Detergents. It started manufacturing their own packing bags to minimize the running cost. The raw materials were purchased centrally to maintain uniformity and ensure quality of the products. Advertisement and appointment of distributors were done only select areas, as a result of their market research. It enabled them to concentrate on a particular section of the market, with relative ease. The distributors were appointed only after personalized visit to the SKUs of the distributor to maintain standard and establish a personalized relationship with them.

Amul-all-products lijjat papad

Considering the above two businesses that operate based on cooperative model, empowering people in villages of our society helps contribute vastly to development of our Nation. Social Entrepreneurship is a road less traveled in India. Such entrepreneurial initiatives are very essential for Nation Building by young Entrepreneurs.

Emoticons .. The next Big thing after Tweet ..??

Emoticons have become a part and parcel of one’s digital life. Every sentence now ends with a smiley and there is almost every type of smiley out there to bring out the emotion that you want to convey. The next most disruption that we are seeing in this area is the birth of customised emoticons. The person has to upload a picture of his/her face and automatically all the emoticons will be superimposed on the face. This would offer an even better personalised chat service as nowadays people really use smileys just for using sake and not convey emotions. To bring back this, a personalised smileys is what we would want to see in the market. A nominal charge could be charged one time up front to get those smileys. This little dream of ours would help the world in becoming more expressive!


North East India – A basket full of opportunity for Entrepreneurs ..!!!

North East India is generally considered to be a holiday destination because of its awe sticking natural beauty and rich cultural diversity. This general apprehension is because of the location of these states in the lush green hilly terrain.

In the age of raising entrepreneurs, there is a vast opportunity that lies in the 7 sister states of North East India (Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh). This part of India is very rich in Natural Resources as well as has a very proficient labor force. North East India is a basket full of opportunities for entrepreneurs who are interested in sports, fashion apparels, pop music, handicrafts and eco-tourism, education and social entrepreneurship and Information Technology Services.

NORTH EAST CRAFTS eco_tourism fashhion HY12CITY2A_161220f Mami-Varte-560x315 shillong lajong

People of this region have an affinity towards outdoor sports right from a very young age. Almost everyone here plays football, badminton, cricket and all other outdoor sports. The football legend Tshering Rinzing Bhutia and Boxing champion Mary Kom hail from North East India. There is also a famous football club Shillong Lejong which is gaining global attention. Starting up sports training center in this region to nurture and foster this talent will aid in India’s performance in International platform like Olympics, Asian Games, etc. This venture will also make North East India a sports hub to excavate the hidden talents of India.

Ecolodges 11 Jetsun-Pema-Bhutan  HY12CITY2A_161220f

North East is the gateway through which fashion apparels enter from outside India. These people have a great fashion sense and are inclined towards western lifestyle. Everyone in the cities of this region are a fan of hard rock music. There are enormous number of pop bands. Fashion designing Institutions and Music Schools in this region are producing a large number of talents each year. There is a growth in the income level of households and thus an enormous opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in fashion apparels and pop music.

The scenic beauty of this terrain, vast cultural diversity, rare and amusing flora and fauna in this region attracts a large amount of tourist around the world. There is an huge scope for promoting Eco-Tourism in this part of India. Moreover traditional artwork from bamboo and handicrafts can be exported. Fishery, horticulture and bio-diesel generation are few other areas to be untapped here.

Scope for Media and Educational Entrepreneurship in India

India is one of the emerging economy of the world. With a rich cultural heritage and vast diversity, the country is showing a very promising future with majority of the population comprising of youngsters in the age group of 15 to 35 years. There is now a surge in the requirement of educational institutions across India to provide quality education that can supplement the development of our country. Human Capital Development which is a very vital aspect for organizational growth can be attained only through quality education.

Almost 70% of India’s population is residing in rural villages of India. There is a lot of challenges faced by the government and private educational institutions to reach and establish infrastructure to offer good quality education. This mobility gap in India paves way for educational entrepreneurs to create profit or non-profit organization to redefine the quantum of education system in our country.

edu 1  Rajastani-girls-using-Aakash

Currently the existing education and training institutions like NIIT, IMS, APTECH, Career launcher, etc. are eyeing this gap in our society to capitalize on this growing and evolving education market. NIIT has launched Imperia for executive education and IMS has started Proshool for professional training.

E-learning is another framework that is very prospective and is believed to become a key aspect to bridge the mobility gap. IT Startup firms can take advantage of this opportunity by investing in technologies and services related to E-learning.


India is very much in need of such initiatives by innovators to revolutionize Indian education system.

What is Mawphlang .. ??

Mawphlang is a one of the most beautiful forest located in the lush green hilly terrains of Shillong in North Eastern Part of India. This forest is considered to be sacred by the small group primitive people settled in this region. There is small stream of water from a river that flows within this dense forest. Mawphlang is also store house of some of the rarest and endangered flora and fauna. It has enormous amount of medicinal herbs that has mystical healing powers.

The indigenous tribal people believe that the forest is very alive. It can sense and feel the visitors who come here to cherish this aesthetic beauty. It is a unwritten rule that visitors are not allowed to take anything inside and outside from this forest. The entire environment is very pure with zero pollution.

mawphlang forest  mawphlang 2

The trek in this Mawphlang forest was blissful and a totally different experience where we were able to bond with nature and rediscover the roots of existence. It was a life changing experience where everyone was spellbound with the elegance of mother nature.

This experience of Mawphlang has been engraved in our memories and keeps ringing a bell to save and protect our natural resources. This has mystified us and hence we have named our blog, “The Mystics of Mawphlang” ..!!

We will use this platform to share interesting and useful information for enriching our society.

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