What is Mawphlang ..??

Mawphlang is a one of the most beautiful forest located in the lush green hilly terrains of Shillong in North Eastern Part of India. This forest is considered to be sacred by the small group primitive people settled in this region. There is small stream of water from a river that flows within this dense forest. Mawphlang is also store house of some of the rarest and endangered flora and fauna. It has enormous amount of medicinal herbs that has mystical healing powers.

The indigenous tribal people believe that the forest is very alive. It can sense and feel the visitors who come here to cherish this aesthetic beauty. It is a unwritten rule that visitors are not allowed to take anything inside and outside from this forest. The entire environment is very pure with zero pollution.

mawphlang forest  mawphlang 2

The trek in this Mawphlang forest was blissful and a totally different experience where we were able to bond with nature and rediscover the roots of existence. It was a life changing experience where everyone was spellbound with the elegance of mother nature.

This experience of Mawphlang has been engraved in our memories and keeps ringing a bell to save and protect our natural resources. This has mystified us and hence we have named our blog, “The Mystics of Mawphlang” ..!!

We will use this platform to share interesting and useful information for enriching our society.

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