Scope for Media and Educational Entrepreneurship in India

India is one of the emerging economy of the world. With a rich cultural heritage and vast diversity, the country is showing a very promising future with majority of the population comprising of youngsters in the age group of 15 to 35 years. There is now a surge in the requirement of educational institutions across India to provide quality education that can supplement the development of our country. Human Capital Development which is a very vital aspect for organizational growth can be attained only through quality education.

Almost 70% of India’s population is residing in rural villages of India. There is a lot of challenges faced by the government and private educational institutions to reach and establish infrastructure to offer good quality education. This mobility gap in India paves way for educational entrepreneurs to create profit or non-profit organization to redefine the quantum of education system in our country.

edu 1  Rajastani-girls-using-Aakash

Currently the existing education and training institutions like NIIT, IMS, APTECH, Career launcher, etc. are eyeing this gap in our society to capitalize on this growing and evolving education market. NIIT has launched Imperia for executive education and IMS has started Proshool for professional training.

E-learning is another framework that is very prospective and is believed to become a key aspect to bridge the mobility gap. IT Startup firms can take advantage of this opportunity by investing in technologies and services related to E-learning.


India is very much in need of such initiatives by innovators to revolutionize Indian education system.


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