North East India – A basket full of opportunity for Entrepreneurs ..!!!

North East India is generally considered to be a holiday destination because of its awe sticking natural beauty and rich cultural diversity. This general apprehension is because of the location of these states in the lush green hilly terrain.

In the age of raising entrepreneurs, there is a vast opportunity that lies in the 7 sister states of North East India (Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh). This part of India is very rich in Natural Resources as well as has a very proficient labor force. North East India is a basket full of opportunities for entrepreneurs who are interested in sports, fashion apparels, pop music, handicrafts and eco-tourism, education and social entrepreneurship and Information Technology Services.

NORTH EAST CRAFTS eco_tourism fashhion HY12CITY2A_161220f Mami-Varte-560x315 shillong lajong

People of this region have an affinity towards outdoor sports right from a very young age. Almost everyone here plays football, badminton, cricket and all other outdoor sports. The football legend Tshering Rinzing Bhutia and Boxing champion Mary Kom hail from North East India. There is also a famous football club Shillong Lejong which is gaining global attention. Starting up sports training center in this region to nurture and foster this talent will aid in India’s performance in International platform like Olympics, Asian Games, etc. This venture will also make North East India a sports hub to excavate the hidden talents of India.

Ecolodges 11 Jetsun-Pema-Bhutan  HY12CITY2A_161220f

North East is the gateway through which fashion apparels enter from outside India. These people have a great fashion sense and are inclined towards western lifestyle. Everyone in the cities of this region are a fan of hard rock music. There are enormous number of pop bands. Fashion designing Institutions and Music Schools in this region are producing a large number of talents each year. There is a growth in the income level of households and thus an enormous opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in fashion apparels and pop music.

The scenic beauty of this terrain, vast cultural diversity, rare and amusing flora and fauna in this region attracts a large amount of tourist around the world. There is an huge scope for promoting Eco-Tourism in this part of India. Moreover traditional artwork from bamboo and handicrafts can be exported. Fishery, horticulture and bio-diesel generation are few other areas to be untapped here.


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